Man of stone

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Name: Douglas Steven Benson

Age: Too old too mention (he's 44)

Years in Comedy: 20

Hometown: San Diego, California

You started off as an actor. Do you want to do more of that in the future?

I always liked acting and I still like doing it. I moved to Los Angeles initially to become an actor. Some buddies thought I was funny and dared me to go up on an open-mic night and try stand-up. I never thought of being a stand-up, but I had certainly watched a lot of it when I was young. Once I tried it and got laughs - that's the thing about it.

You attended community college in San Diego. What did you study?

Drama, journalism, telecommunications. All stuff that ended up being helpful, as it turns out. I was the entertainment editor of the school paper for a while, and that kind of all came together into the comedian/actor/blogger that I am today.

Who else do you write for these days?

I've ended up writing for other comics, like I've written some of the jokes for Sarah Silverman's monologues when she's hosted various award shows. I used to write movie reviews for Now it's a podcast available for free on iTunes.

Would you say you're one of America's premier stoner comics?

I don't like to think of myself as a pot comic, but I can't knock it. It's certainly gotten me a lot of attention. If people come to my show, if they want to hear pot humor, they will. And if they're not into pot humor, they won't have to suffer through too much of it. I try to keep a nice balance.

You finished fifth in last summer's edition of Last Comic Standing. How did that affect your career?

I'm very happy with my position. People come up to me and say, "You should have won it." They're rooting for me. It's like I'm their hometown team. When they see me somewhere, they've got my back for life.

What do you have coming up?

I'm doing another half-hour comedy special for Comedy Central. I'm taping that three days after I leave Columbus. So Columbus is going to be my practicing ground for the special. If [it] comes out good, I'll owe a bit of gratitude to the people of Columbus.