Fall TV: Rating the rest

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

"Sons of Anarchy"

Wednesdays, FX

Outlaw motorcycle gang drama and, finally, a prosthetics-free starring role for Ron Perlman. OK, we're in.

"Do Not Disturb"

Sept. 10, Fox

The most promising sitcom of the fall features Jerry O'Connell, one of the writers of Arrested Development as creator and a pilot directed by Jason Bateman.

"Easy Money"

Sept. 21, The CW

Developed by creatives from The Sopranos and Northern Exposure, this new dramedy about a payday-loan empire seems to pair the shady dealings of the former with the high quirk of the latter.


Oct. 17, NBC

By sexing up Daniel Defoe's classic literary character and re-imagining him as a MacGyver type, the peacock network might strike gold.


Oct. 9, FX

It's Always Sunny could meet its match in this sitcom about professional test subjects from Kenny vs. Spenny creator Kenny Hotz.

"Kath & Kim"

Oct. 9, NBC

Molly Shannon and Selma Blair bring a much-loved Aussie comedy to the States.


Sept. 21, The CW

Greek gods transplanted to L.A. and Cupid's arrow being upgraded to a gun? That's worth a look at the pilot at least.

"Eleventh Hour"

Oct. 9, CBS

Centered on the science community's "crises and oddities," the new CBS procedural owes something to The X-Files, but we're just happy British actor Rufus Sewell is getting steady work.

"The Ex List"

Oct. 3, CBS

A woman's search for true love among her former flames should give slowly rising star Elizabeth Reaser her time to shine.

"Little Britain"

Sept. 28, HBO

"Summer Heights High"

Nov. 9, HBO

We're equally intrigued by HBO's two new imports - one a remake of a hit British sketch show, the other the debut of an Australian mockumentary shot in a real high school.

"The Mentalist"

Sept. 23, CBS

The standard-issue cop who won't play by the rules freshens up with a touch of Medium and Psych.


Sept. 9, The CW

A minor variation on The Nanny Diaries, and since it's the CW, the variation is a younger cast and a bitchier attitude.

"Life on Mars"

Oct. 9, ABC

Wasn't this on last year, only it was called Journeyman?

"In Harm's Way"

Sept. 21, The CW

The more direct and patriotic of the season's two Dirty Jobs rip-offs.


Oct. 3, SciFi Channel

The network's not known for exceptional original series, but this one about the ongoing, unseen battle against evolutionary mistakes does have the distinction of being shot in a totally CGI'ed universe.

"Surviving Suburbia"

Nov. 2, The CW

A producer of Roseanne and My Name is Earl looks for the laughs in teenage pregnancy, land disputes and other everyday suburban concerns.

"Worst Week"

Sept. 22, CBS

An entertainment mag editor sucks up to his girlfriend's parents in this comedy inspired by the antics of the Fockers. He shares our trade, yet even we can't get worked up about this one.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Oct. 7, Bravo

They'll have to come up with something better than this to fill the pending Project Runway void.

"America's Toughest Jobs"

Sept. 12, NBC

The other Dirty Jobs wannabe, this one has everyday people competing at scary, dangerous ways of making a living. We can almost hear the whining already.

"Opportunity Knocks"

Sept. 23, ABC

Families reveal how much they know about each other and their neighbors for money and prizes. At least it's not The Moment of Truth.

"Knight Rider"

Sept. 24, NBC

This whole concept's been dead to us since Will Arnett backed out of doing the voice for KITT.

"Gary Unmarried"

Sept. 24, CBS

Jay Mohr gets divorced, gets joint custody of the kids and trades barbs with his wife. Sure, it's predictable, but at least the preview clips look really unfunny.

"The Rachel Zoe Project"

Sept. 8, Bravo

Bravo moves from realtors and interior designers to a show about a celebrity stylist. Bikini Waxer to the Stars can't be far behind.


Oct. 29, The CW

A new reality competition promises all the humiliation of The Devil Wears Prada without the cherry topping of Meryl Streep.