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Everybody's working for the weekend.

Except for bartenders and restaurant staffers, who, of course, are working during the weekend.

That's why, for Mary Price, trips out of town are essential. She loves visiting Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when she's not taking care of the daytime patrons at Cementos, a North Side bar joined with De-Arini's Villa restaurant.

She's worked at other Henderson Road bars during her 11 years bartending in Columbus - 20 years total - and has felt at home in restaurants since her parents owned an establishment when she was a teenager.

How do you describe this place to someone who hasn't been here?

The biggest thing about this place is the food's great. De-Arini's has been here 41 years, and we operate out of the same kitchen.

Our clientele is pretty diversified. We get our softball teams in, our volleyball teams - so we have our younger group. But I would say predominately, we're your 40-and-over crowd. It's your neighborhood bar. We do offer some very local entertainment - we have karaoke on Sundays, and that draws a big crowd.

What are the menu highlights?

I highly recommend the lasagna - it goes way back to Mom. Our Rockets [Italian subs] are solid, our pizzas are wonderful.

What do you think draws people in?

Consistency. I think that we provide very good service. We're a full female bar staff ... and we work well together.

And food. And drinks.

What's your favorite drink to make?

Probably margaritas. On the rocks.

What are the more popular drinks here?

My day crowd is definitely older ... so I do a lot of martinis and whatnot. But the girls at night do a lot of shots - they're well-versed in that.

And we're also very well known for our Bloody Marys. We make good Bloody Marys, especially football Saturdays.

What time do people start showing up on game days?

I was a Saturday bartender up until last June, and spent 11 years in this town working football Saturdays. I've worked at bars that will open at 9, but I have maintained since I opened here: It's 11, people. And they're OK with it. They'll put picnics out on the tables.