Irish fixture

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Some patrons know Brazenhead for their Wednesday hamburger specials. Some know Dustin Chenault for the iPod playlists he puts on there.

Chenault knows it all.

"I was so anxious for this place to open, I was actually here helping the carpenters; they would have little jobs for me," Chenault said. "I helped put this stuff up on the walls. So I have a lot of passion, just feeling, for this place."

A bit unusual for a bartender, yes. But he's been in the business for 14 years and got really excited about Brazenhead's opening six years ago. Those feelings haven't changed.

What kind of crowd do you get here?

We tend to get anyone from 21 to 70. A lot of people like to come in groups. So it must be a place where people like to meet after work as a group.

Every night is pretty much similar, but Wednesday night, we do a burger special. It's $3 burgers, and they're normally $7 or $8. It's unbelievable. The place is packed. Two weeks ago, we sold 681 burgers.

What do they like to drink?

Being an Irish pub, we sell a ton of beer. Drafts are the biggest seller - anything from Stella, Guinness, Harp ...

Tell us some menu highlights.

We have delicious food here, and everything's made from scratch. We're known for our burgers, but also our fish 'n' chips. During happy hour, I always push these house chips, they're hand-sliced daily, and we have a homemade garlic sauce people love.

What's your favorite aspect?

I'm a night owl. I love the hours.

I meet great people. I still have relationships with my friends that I met 14 years ago from bartending. You can network through it. I've met my attorney, I've met my real estate agent, I met my masseuse - you can meet anyone through bartending.

Your carrot cake shot is crazy. You can fit all that in one shot glass?

Yeah, but I don't like to sell single shots ... I like to sell at least two shots at a time.

What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't doing this?

I love cars, so I love the car industry, so that's always been another side of me.

What do you like to do when you're not working?

I love taking my daughter to the park and the zoo. That's my number-one thing. I watch her every day, then I come in here.