"I've got one for you"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It's lucky for Jen Chillinsky that bartending is a transferable skill.

Chillinsky grew up in the Ohio Valley and lived on both coasts before coming back to Ohio, enrolling in classes at Ohio State and dropping off her resume at Hyde Park on a whim a year ago.

"I didn't know how great this place was, it just looked beautiful outside," said Chillinsky, who laughs when listing off the places she's lived.

And while she works on a degree in sports marketing, Columbus - and the Short North steakhouse - seems like the perfect place to settle.

What draws people in here?

Restaurant-wise: the food, the service, it's beautiful. The location, as well. We're known for our food and our service, and it's fine dining at its best.

Bar scene: During the week, you get a lot of business folk in. And then weekends, it's a hot spot. It's definitely where to be seen before you bounce over to the bars, because we don't stay open too late.

And what do they like to drink?

Martinis are a favorite here, but then we have our specialties [like] blackberries muddled up with simple syrup and we just add some Ketel One. It's really good.

What are some menu highlights?

Well, everything's a-la-carte, so that's a good thing because basically it's a menu where you can just explode and make your own dinner. You create your own meal.

What's your favorite drink to make?

I love making our capriosca. It's full of vodka, and it's a lime, a lemon and an orange muddled up with simple syrup, and then we throw some ice on it and top it off with Belvedere Cytrus. It's incredible. People are like, "I don't know what I want ..." and I'm like, "Oh, I've got one for you."

What's kept you doing it for five years?

In a selfish manner, the cash. You have cash easily all the time.

It's great hours, especially like this - a restaurant-bar. I've done the nightclubs, where you get out at 4, I've done the late, late nights. But this is great. We close at 12, 12:30, and you're home before 2, you can go get a last call.

What else do you like to do?

I'm a sport fanatic. I play basketball, I bike ride, I run. I love going out to eat.

Are there any bars you'd recommend?

When I get off work, I love Marcella's. All the bartenders over there are really good friends with all of us. Park Street Tavern is just a cool little bar.