Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hyde in swank sight

While prime beef primarily tempts tongues inside the Cap's Hyde Park, it's the abundant eye candy surrounding the dynamic bar area that initially turns heads. Burgundy red walls and cherry wood accents dominate, but there's so much more - the swooping bar, plush curtains, oversize booths, ceiling-strung globe lights, a color-shifting tower highlighting fancy booze, a soothing fireplace - need I really go on?

Inside this snazzy setting, two happy hours occur Monday through Friday, though only the early one discounts drinks. But oh, those drinks. Four small dollars buys off-the-map great deals, like a spicy and citrusy Sidecar, a lemony French 75 or a lethal margarita.

Five-buck bites to thrive on

The whole left side of Hyde's snacky bar menu goes for a low-dough fin during both happy hours. Lately, this has included: a terrific tower constructed out of melt-in-your-mouth tuna tartare stacked with roasted pepper strips and garnished with pickled ginger and seared mango (supplies a matching texture and surprising sweetness); upscale sliders served with addictive skin-on, golden-brown fries; "Rockefeller"-like baked Oysters Maggie; and two perfectly seared fatty scallops, wrapped in bacon and smeared with hollandaise.