Toilet trained

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

What sort of show is Testees?

It's the kind of comedy where two slob roommates (Steve Markle and Jeff Kassel) make rent by submitting themselves as guinea pigs for a not-so-subtly-named company called Testico.

It's the type of program in which a man, upon discovering that the suppository he received seems to have made him pregnant, tries to give himself an abortion by sticking a coat hanger into his nether regions.

It's the sort of series in which a veteran guinea pig (series creator Kenny Hotz of Kenny vs. Spenny) tests out a very successful penis-enlargement spray, setting up one-liners like, "My wiener's so big you could hump the hole in it," and this magnificent exchange:

"It's not even hard!"

"It's hard to resist."

Urine flies indiscriminately. A man dresses up as a baby. Someone uses the phrase "post-fartum depression."

The jokes speak for themselves: This is dumb TV, the epitome of toilet humor. But it's also pretty funny.

This premise can't possibly hold up for the full 13-episode run, much less several seasons' worth of shows. But Hotz might have enough good gags in store to make it worth staying tuned to FX after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the next few Thursday nights.