Soccer dad

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Name: Josh Blue

Age: 30

Hometown: Denver

Years in Comedy: 10

You just became a dad. How old is your baby?

Seven months. He's a little guy but he's growing by leaps and bounds.

Are you touring as much since he arrived?

I try. It's something that has slowed down a lot [compared to] two years ago, but it's still busy. You gotta work. I love performing.

Are you still recognized as one of the winners of Last Comic Standing?

The majority of it is still Last Comic. What's really cool is people are starting to say, "Hey, I've seen you on YouTube or I've seen you on another TV show."

Besides being a headlining comedian, you're a member of the U.S. Paralympic Soccer team. How is that going?

We didn't qualify for Beijing. The team hasn't been getting together as much. If we had gone to Beijing there would have been a ton more training and I would have missed a few practices because my comedy schedule is booked six months in advance.

Is it getting harder to keep up with the younger players?

I'm not getting any younger. The coach cut five older players from the team, so now I'm the oldest.

Do you think your son will play soccer, and will you coach?

I'd love to. Hopefully he'll like soccer. I really want him to be a soccer player, but if he's like, "Daddy, I want to be ballerina," I'll be happy. But I'm not coaching ballet!

Are you working on any other projects?

I just filmed my half-hour Comedy Central special. And there are always tons of little projects. I want to do more viral video projects, funny stuff that happens to me. I'm in two movies. One's a real big-budget [film] and I have a little cameo; the other is a straight-to-DVD low-budget horror film, and I have pretty big role in that.

Unlike a lot of comics, you don't live in L.A. Is it because Denver is a better place to raise a family?

I'm not a real fan of L.A. The traffic is ridiculous, the people are pretty ridiculous too. I'm happy here in Denver. I may have more opportunities in L.A. and maybe more roles, [but] if they need a guy with cerebral palsy, they know where I'm at.

What: Josh Blue

When: Friday-Sunday, Jan. 2-4

Where: Funny Bone Comedy Club, Easton