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Columbus Alive

Ken DiCross

Home neighborhood: Easton

Hometown: Youngstown

Years behind the bar: 6

How did you start bartending?

I was a server in Phoenix and on my 21st birthday they surprised me by throwing me behind the bar. I didn't know anything.

What skills do you need to be a good bartender?

You actually have to be very smart. A lot of people think bartending is easy, but you have to memorize hundreds of drinks, be personable and come happy, have all the prices memorized and do quick math in your head. You have to be attentive.

What's the best part about bartending?

The flexibility of being able to do other things. If I want to get in a round of golf early in the day or work out, I can do the things I like to do and still be able to pay the bills.

What's the worst part?

Because I manage this place as well, I have to be here on the busiest times of the week when everybody else goes out, so I obviously can't go out. But, at least you can still be in the same environment.

Where do you go when you're not at work?

Around here I go to Marcella's or Martini.

What do you like to drink?

I only drink Patron. I'll have the occasional Bud Light or Corona, but there's only one liquor I drink.

What's the best hangover cure?

Two Advil gel caps and some sort of sports drink.

What music do you listen to when you're drinking?

There really isn't any bad music when you're drinking, but I have a special place for slow R&B like old-school Usher.

What will be going on at Callahan's for St. Patrick's Day?

The doors open at 11:30 a.m. and don't be surprised to see green beer, Irish whiskey and even a leprechaun running around. I'm looking for one to go out on the street and mess with people.