TV review: Cupid

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More than a decade ago, Jeremy Piven starred in a short-lived romantic-comedy about a guy who claimed to be Cupid, the Greek god of love. Fans adored the show because of its smart writing and nuanced look at love. Like many smart and nuanced shows, it was quickly canceled.

Now, ABC is giving Cupid a second chance - with the same creator, same plot and much of the same script, but a new cast.

Piven's complicated, conflicted deity has been replaced by Bobby Cannavale (Will & Grace), a cheerier guy who seems more like the wingman for some dude in a bar than someone who'd set you up with your soul mate. And that's just one reason this new version will likely disappear as quickly as the first.

Cupid, aka Trevor Pierce, says he was booted from Mount Olympus as a punishment, and he has to get 100 couples to fall in love before he can return. Whether he's the real-deal Cupid or just some crazy person is a mystery, and his court-ordered psychiatrist, Claire (Sarah Paulsen, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), is tasked with finding out.

But unwisely, the focus has shifted from the sexual-tension-filled interplay between Trevor and Claire and onto the couple Trevor's trying to hook up that week - it could easily become too formulaic.

Cupid 2.0's fine, but it just doesn't have much magic - at least not yet. And as Cupid himself knows, it's the magic that makes you fall in love.


10 p.m. Tuesdays, ABC

Grade: c