TV review: The Unusuals

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The creator of ABC's newest cop show was asking for trouble when he came up with the name The Unusuals. By highlighting the offbeat flavor he was aiming for, Noah Hawley (Bones) just points out how ordinary the series is. Whatever oddball attributes it does have feel decidedly calculated.

Jeremy Renner heads up a better-than-average cast as Detective Walsh, a former Yankee who gave the team up for a badge and a part-time career as a diner proprietor. His new partner Casey (Amber Tamblyn) is promoted to homicide after Walsh's former, corrupt partner is found dead of multiple stab wounds.

Her new assignment puts her in league with characters including Banks (Harold Perrineau), who's terrified a family curse will kill him any day, and his partner Delahoy (Adam Goldberg), who seems to be courting death.

Along with personal quirks, each also has a secret they're hiding - a subplot that's already looking threadbare after two episodes. Beyond adding gallows humor a la M*A*S*H or Rescue Me (creator Peter Tolan is a consultant) that isn't as clever as its inspiration, the show as a whole doesn't add much of anything new to TV police procedurals.

Nevertheless, The Unusuals is not without potential for improvement, which is clear whenever Goldberg and Perrineau are on screen.

"The Unusuals"

10 p.m. Wednesdays, ABC

Grade: C+