Remote Patrol: 10 Things I Hate About You

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Teen movies get a deserved bad rap, but the Shakespeare-inspired 10 Things I Hate About You is better than most. It's become a minor cult classic, thanks to great acting from Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles and lots of quotable lines ("Pensive? Damn, I was going for thoughtful!").

A TV counterpart would've been a fantastic idea circa 2000, the year after the movie came out. The rationale for doing a TV series 10 years later, however, is a little unclear.

High-school-based TV is hot right now (Gossip Girl, 90210), so rebooting a proven crowd-pleaser is understandable. But the original 10 Things fans are now careening toward 30, and probably not in the market for a teen comedy on ABC Family.

This version reduces the movie to its teen-genre cornerstones - cliques and crushes. To make things relevant to today's teens, there's plenty of Facebooking and texting, plus a bunch of Harry Potter references.

Lindsey Shaw and Meaghan Jette Martin star as Kat and Bianca, new-to-town sisters who couldn't be less alike. Socially aware Kat is drawn to outcast Patrick (Ethan Peck in Ledger's shoes), while ditzy Bianca becomes the object of nerdy Cameron's affection (Nicholas Braun does a lame Michael Cera impression in this role).

Given the right material, Shaw's Kat could conceivably evolve into an interesting Lindsay-from-Freaks and Geeks-type character. Bianca, though, needs a whole lot more help to evolve from a status-obsessed stereotype.

"10 Things I Hate About You"

8 p.m. Tuesday on ABC Family

Grade: C+