Remote Patrol: Entourage

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

No one at HBO has suggested that the sixth season of Entourage will be its last, but it's a feeling that's hard to escape during the season premiere.

After last season's career downslide for movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), the random stabs at independence made by various cast members over the series' run seem to have sharper focus.

The boys from Queens that used to surround him are at last growing up and apart, and even Vincent attains a new level of self-reliance when a role requires him to learn to drive. But the tone of the new season's premiere suggests something being lost, summed up in a final shot of Vince sitting alone in his darkened mansion.

Despite the progression of these characters, story-wise, they still seem stuck in a rut of VIP treatment and interchangeable girlfriends - another reason why the end should be near. There's promise for Season Six, however, at talent agency Miller/Gold.

Long-suffering assistant Lloyd's (Rex Lee) demand for a promotion from Jeremy Piven's Ari can only intensify what's already the show's most interesting relationship. And with the panic attacks and daytime drinking of Ari's recently signed-on mentor Andrew Klein, played by the inimitable Gary Cole, viewers could be in for a spectacular flameout.


10:30 p.m. Sundays, HBO

Grade: B-