Remote Patrol: Bollywood Hero

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With Bollywood Hero, SNL vet Chris Kattan takes cues from Larry David's post-Seinfeld career of playing a version of himself and Kathy Griffin's public acceptance of life on the D-list, and combines them with a Slumdog Millionaire-inspired Bollywood fascination.

Though it's a fine combination of influences, Kattan's original three-part miniseries for IFC doesn't make the most of them.

Fed up with a stalled Hollywood career in which the best role he can get is a basic-cable alien, Kattan hits his breaking point at the moment he runs into Monty (Ali Fazal), an Indian film director looking for a leading man for his debut, Peculiar Dancing Boy.

After a quick DVD tutorial in Bollywood movies, Kattan is off to Mumbai, where his culture shock and inability to dance (a major Bollywood liability) is complicated by friction with Monty's sister Priya (Pooja Kumar), the film's producer.

The star makes lazy attempts at humor by playing up his awkwardness and ignorance of the culture, but when You Don't Mess With the Zohan displays more worldly knowledge than an IFC production, you know something's off. The first segment's plot is even less adventurous, putting Kattan and Priya on the hate-to-love trajectory of countless Hollywood romantic comedies.

On the bright side, the miniseries has spurred IFC to devote a slot every Sunday at 10 a.m. to something with the potential to be a lot more fun - actual Bollywood films. This Sunday brings the mafia thriller Don.

"Bollywood Hero"

10 p.m. Aug. 6-8, IFC

Grade: C+