Curtain Call: "Bad to the Bone" at Shadowbox

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Columbus Alive

Shadowbox's fall sketch show, the spooky Bad to the Bone, isn't as thematically focused as some of their others, but that doesn't mean it isn't silly - and often risque - good fun. Once again, the sketch troupe makes for a hilarious night out.

With an emphasis on spooky Halloween scares, the show's best skits are those that revolve around many of the famous monsters of film and classic literature - just with a Shadowbox twist.

"Monster Dating Game" stars a brilliant Lydia Tew as the ditzy and dirty Kristen, the slutty single looking for love with Frankenstein (Steve Guyer), Dracula (Tom Cardinal) and Wolfman (J.T. Walker III) on the classic game show.

Walker steals the sketch by giving his character physical-comedy nuances, like spinning in a circle before he sits and playing fetch with Dracula's discarded cell phone.

Cardinal and Walker return as the title characters in "Dr. Mystery Meets Dr. Frankenstein."

It's the latest adventure of the bumbling title monster hunter (Cardinal), his sidekick Vigo (Jimmy Mak), the Fair Maiden (Katy Psenicka), Mystery's old college roommate (Walker) and that roommate's awkward new creation (Matthew Hahn, guitarist in house band BillWho?), who scares a different kind of villager.

Another Bad to the Bone all-star is the always show-stopping Mary Randle, who pulls double-duty in two show highlights. The first is lead sketch "Welcome to Hell," with Randle playing Satan's receptionist as she welcomes a new soul to eternal damnation.

The second, "Scared Stupid," has Randle and Julie Klein playing Cindy and Laverne, two trailer-park moms who are busy pounding beers while waiting for their kids to play in the Haunted Halloween Forest.

On the musical side of the show, the song selection is wildly diverse and never dull. Noelle Grandison opens with a powerful rendition of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker," Jennifer Hahn turns it up with "Megalomaniac" by Incubus and Walker returns to cap off his stellar night with Moxy Fruvous' "Jockey Full O' Bourbon."

Cardinal also comes back to sing Phil Collins' "I Don't Care Anymore," which is accompanied by the Shadowbox dance troupe performing a modern dance choreographed by Psenicka. It's a welcome change of pace from the rest of the hilarity, and another example of the versatility and talent Shadowbox brings to its latest winning show.

"Bad to the Bone"

When: Through Nov. 14

Where: Shadowbox, Easton Town Center