Fall Arts Guide: BalletMet

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When Maria Glimcher choreographs a piece, she leaves a lot of wiggle room for her dancers' personal style and interpretation.

"I set the choreography, I make the steps, but I want their individual flow to come out, their own artistry," Glimcher said. "I want them to put their experiences, their personal feelings into it, and that makes it so much more real to me."

The piece she designed for BalletMet's NightMoves certainly allows them the chance to express themselves.

"Relevant" is performed by four women and takes on an emotional and passionate feeling as the dancers "dive deeper to find who they really are," said Glimcher, who teaches contemporary and classical music in BalletMet's Dance Academy and is also an adjunct dance professor at Otterbein and Ohio State.

NightMoves showcases mixed-repertoire pieces from five choreographers, and it'll be performed on weekend evenings during November.

In her piece, Glimcher explores the concept of time and how people are affected by and relate to it. Clint Mansell's "Requiem for a Dream" is combined with his "Together We Will Live Forever" through dramatic movements and the use of long strips of copper-colored fabric.

"The music led me to the concept of time," Glimcher said. "The essence of the piece is how we come to a place where we are absorbed by our most peaceful moment and allow our inner voice to be true."

Working with the BalletMet troupe makes portraying these emotions that much easier, she added.

"What's unique about it is you're using extremely high-caliber dancers," Glimcher said, "so what, as a choreographer, you're able to create is infinite."