Mixologist: Chelsea Huguenard of My Bar 161

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Neighborhood: Victorian Village

Hometown: Lewis Center

Years behind the bar: 1

What do you like about bartending?

It's nice because I work the day shift and I get a good crowd in - kind of the same regulars. Then at night, it's totally different. It's packed and a lot more fun, high-energy.

What do you do when you're not at work?

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon, so lots of running. This will be my second Columbus Half Marathon and my third overall. I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Florida. It was supposed to be all women running in it, but there were men who snuck into it too and they dressed up as Disney Princesses. It was crazy.

How did you get into running marathons?

I coached college lacrosse at Kenyon for two years and now I'm the new head coach at Gahanna Lincoln. I thought it would be motivational for my athletes to know I was training for something and working to stay in shape.

Where do you like to go get a drink?

For margaritas, I go to Baja Sol. They have very good margaritas. I also like to go to Short North Tavern because it's right down the street from my house. It's an easy walk and stumble home.

Besides margaritas, what else do you like to drink?

I went to school in Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University, so I like all the Bell's - the Oberon is really good.

What would you be doing if you weren't bartending?

I really love lacrosse, it just doesn't pay my bills. I think that I want to do that forever, but I just don't see a nine-to-five job, or teaching, in my future. I'm probably never going to use my four-year degree.

If you could have a drink with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

My grandpa. He died my senior year of high school and I knew him, but I don't think I was old enough to appreciate his stories. He was in World War II, so he had some great war stories.

His ship was sunk and my grandpa sat on an island for two days waiting for someone to pick him up. I thought, oh my God!, but the way he told it was like, "Yeah, whatever."