Exhibit: Pippi Zornoza

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hyperbole is an understatement when describing artist Pippi Zornoza, and you'll have a chance to see what all the hubbub is about during her upcoming showcase at Skylab. A force of nature light years beyond what might (but shouldn't) be described as new-millennial grrl power, Zornoza is undeniably badass at pretty much anything she does. Well known for her darkly sinister paintings and drawings as well as her works in the art-poster anthology The Art of Modern Rock, Zornoza's turn in Die You Zombie Bastards! is literally something of a terror. An opening reception starts at 7 p.m. Friday, and Zornoza will be in town to perform with her latest band, VOHZD, on Sunday, Oct. 25 - the last day of the exhibition.

Pippi Zornoza

When: Oct.16-25

Where: Skylab, Downtown

Web: myspace.com/skylabgallery