Remote Patrol: Lost: Where were we?

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This Tuesday, Feb. 2, at long last, Lost will premiere its sixth and final season. With the brain-boggling sci-fi drama absent for nearly nine months, fans may have forgotten what went down in last spring's explosive finale. So allow us to jog your memory about where everyone was when Juliet detonated Jughead and Ben stabbed Jacob to death.

Character: Jack

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: Recovering from a flying-metal-inflicted head wound, thinking his plan to reset history was thwarted.

Character: Locke

Year: 2007

Whereabouts: Dead! And replaced by an imposter who may or may not be Jacob's unnamed nemesis.

Character: Sawyer

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: Reeling after letting his lover Juliet drop to her doom in the Swan pit.

Character: Kate

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: Helping Jack recover from his thwack to the head.

Character: Ben

Year: 2007

Whereabouts: Just stabbed Jacob to death per fake Locke's advice.

Character: Sayid

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: Bleeding to death near the Swan site after being shot in the stomach.

Character: Hurley & Jin

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: Tending to injured Sayid near the Swan construction site.

Character: Sun, Frank, Ilana & Richard

Year: 2007

Whereabouts: Staring slack-jawed at Locke's dead body, realizing the dude inside the foot statue with Ben is not Locke.

Character: Claire

Year: 2007

Whereabouts: Disappeared into the woods with her (ghost?) dad some time ago.

Character: Desmond

Year: 2007

Whereabouts: Recovering in L.A. after getting shot by Ben while protecting his wife and child.

Character: Juliet

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: In agony at the bottom of the pit, detonating the atomic bomb.

Character: Miles

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: Just saved his creepy DHARMA doctor dad from getting sucked into the Swan pit.

Character: Walt

Year: 2007

Whereabouts: In New York, chillin' with Grandma.

Character: Rose & Bernard

Year: 1977

Whereabouts: Living in a cabin near the beach, avoiding the island drama.

Season 6 Predictions

Chris DeVille: The detonated nuke will reset the timeline and result in Oceanic 815 landing in L.A., but the people whom Jacob visited and touched will retain their memories of the island. Desmond will play a crucial role.

Brad Keefe: A major, major character will be killed off early- to mid-season, establishing anything is fair game. Benjamin Linus will prove to really be the good guy. And Worthington native Maggie Grace will return and will still be super-cute.

Shelley Mann: The bomb blast creates an alternate history, allowing everyone to come back to life (cast reunion!). The plane never crashes, but everyone ends up back on the island anyway on their own accord. Charlie and Claire end up together forever.

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