Remote Patrol: Lost Season 6

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Columbus Alive

"What happened?"

Allow me to join Sayid in gasping for breath and looking around the room all dumbfounded-like in the wake of Lost's sixth and final season premiere. And allow me to write this directly to Lost fans without providing context for, um, others. Lord knows the rest of you don't care at this point.

I ask "What happened?" because I'm genuinely confused about some of what I saw Tuesday. Why was Desmond on Oceanic 815 in the rebooted, crash-free timeline? Why wasn't Shannon? How come curse-obsessed Hurley now thinks he's invincibly lucky? And why is the island 20,000 leagues under the sea?

But my bigger questions are about the elements I think I understand at least in part. As in: Are they really crazy enough to do that?

Because I'm pretty sure Jacob's spirit just reincarnated Sayid's dead body. (Remember last season when the "shadow of the statue" people were talking about potential "candidates" all ominously?) And I'm 100 percent certain that fake Locke is the smoke monster because whoa. Did you see that?

As for the show's biggest surprise, alternate timelines: If you thought the ratings took a nosedive before ...

It's rather complicated and more than a little convoluted, but it's also titillating and fascinating and fun. (Sounds like Lost to me.) And while it wasn't as saturated with "holy crap" moments as I hoped, after this episode I'm as confident as ever that the producers are leading us somewhere stellar.


9 p.m. Tuesdays, ABC

Grade: B+