5 O'Clock Somewhere: The Sloppy Donkey Sports Saloon

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Many saw its passing in December 2008 as another cruel victory for The Man. They hung their heads in defeat.

Others more comfortable with the bright side of things welcomed the watering hole that took its place - an all-out party spot that came to be known as The Sloppy Donkey Sports Saloon. (Its original name, Senor Buckeyes, infringed on Ohio State trademarks, so owners held a naming contest to get the present title.)

In many ways the exact opposite of what you would've found at Larry's, the Donkey makes its intentions clear. There's one goal here: Drink heavily, get crunk and head home with a story to tell.

To do so, the bar offers some of the cheapest drinks in town, with a hefty focus on potent shooters and bulk beer. Daily and weekly specials, which run until midnight, abound.

Monday, for example, offered pitchers of Natty Light for 50 cents and $3 Donkey Punch shots.

What's a Donkey Punch, you ask?

"It's a secret. I'd have to kill you," friendly bartender Jose Flores said. "Let's put it this way: It's an ancient Mexican secret, handed down from the Aztecs."

Whatever's in there, the crowd, hefty for a chilly Monday at 10 p.m., consumed plenty of it. They took shots at the bar, then shuttled large containers of light-style American lager to several long, skinny tables designed for drinking games.

A few traditional tables - i.e., those for sitting - also dot the space, which is essentially set up as a no-frills warehouse for wild, spring-break gaiety. Walls are painted bright primary colors, and a few choice slogans are scrawled with dart chalk on a far side.

This bar might not be the best place to impress a new valentine. But if you're looking to drown your sorrows, Slop Donk has you covered.

Daily specials:

The Sloppy Donkey features some fantastic drink specials and a new slate of discounts each month. Here's the weekly rundown through February.

Monday: 50-cent Natty Light pitchers, $2 wells

Tuesday: 50-cent Natty Light pitchers, $2 wells

Wednesday: $2 Long Islands

Thursday: $2 pounders

Friday: $10 Donkey Punch pitchers

Saturday: $4 Jack Daniel's and Coke, $4 Captain Morgan and Coke

Sunday: $3 Natty Light pitchers

The Sloppy Donkey Sports Saloon

2040 N. High St., Campus


Web: thesloppydonkey.com

Hours: 9 p.m.-2:30 a.m. Sunday-Monday, 8 p.m.-2:30 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday

In short: Drink and drown