Mixologist: Christina Basham of Wall Street Nightclub

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hometown: West Side

Years behind the bar: 5

What makes a good bartender?

The ability to interact with a variety of personalities, and a good memory - not just for recipes, but for people. They feel so special when you remember their name and their drink is sitting on the bar when they come in. That can make their entire night.

What do you drink?

I don't do fruity, I'm normally drinking whiskey. I'm trying to shift to beer these days because I've learned that drinking liquor and taking shots of liquor is probably not the most effective way to function as an adult [laughs]. So, I've been drinking a lot of Iron City and Shiner Bock.

Where do you go to get a drink?

I'm really stuck on Barrel 44 right now because I'm a whiskey girl and they have a great happy hour. You can get an Iron City and a shot of Old Forester for $5.

What's the crowd like here at Wall Street?

Our primary crowd is a lesbian crowd. We're the biggest GLBT nightclub in Columbus.

It's still diverse because we have nights dedicated to specific events. Wednesday is boys' night. Thursday we have country [line dancing] with the Columbus Stompers in the early evening and hip-hop later.

We're also a venue for entertainment. We have everything from burlesque and drag to musical acts. We also have our own in-house comedy sketch group called Sunday Night Players that have a show once a month. That brings in people from outside the gay community. So you never know who's going to walk in.

What are your hobbies?

I karaoke a lot. I was a vocal performance major on scholarship at Ohio University. Right now I'm trying to teach myself guitar, which is very challenging.

Got any good stories from bartending?

There was a girl in a dress who came in with her gay brother one night. We had just opened, so I don't know how long this girl had been drinking before she came in, but eventually the dress ended up tied above her waist and she didn't have any underwear on.

Her brother dragged her into the bathroom and gives her his underwear. She continued to dance the rest of the night in his briefs. That was bizarre.