Remote Patrol: "Funny or Die Presents"

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Offbeat sketches like that made an internet sensation, and HBO's new late-night sketch series "Funny or Die Presents" is hoping to cash in on that success.

Its pedigree, combined with guest appearances by some big names (Don Cheadle, Zach Galifianakis and, of course, Ferrell), means it's worth watching. But unfortunately, the show is much like the website - some bits bring uproarious laughter, while others fall flat.

With two episodes under its belt, the best material is familiar. "Drunk History with Jen Kirkman" is fantastic, with Ferrell and Cheadle (in a perfectly coifed 'fro) lip-syncing Kirkman's tale of the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass while, well, hammered.

Also hilarious is the recurring "Playground Politics." Nothing's funnier than a cute little girl playing a North Korean, declaring, "America, you know I'm crazy, I can't help it," while waving bottle-rocket nukes.

With upcoming appearances by Tim and Eric (of "Awesome Show" fame) and Bob Odenkirk, the season has promise. It would be better if only I could skip past the dead sketches, like I do on the web.

"Funny or Die Presents"

Midnight Fridays on HBO

Grade: B