Mixologist: Erin Notturniano of the Thirsty Scholar

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Neighborhood: Clintonville

Hometown: East Side

Years behind the bar: 8

What do you like about bartending?

It's laid-back and it's fun. Some days it's stressful, but as a whole you can't beat it. The hours are great; it works well with my school schedule.

What are you studying?

I'm getting my degree in public relations. I go to Ohio Dominican.

I used to work at CD 101. I was an intern and then I got hired as a promotions assistant. I worked there for two years - I loved it and learned a lot.

So are you a music buff?

I'm a huge music fan. I try to go to concerts and see local music as much as I can.

Right now I'm loving Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The Blackroc album is awesome, with the Black Keys and all the hip-hop artists.

I've been going back to some older stuff lately. I've been listening to Arcade Fire's "Funeral" album and the Flaming Lips.

What do you do when you're not working?

Well, I like to go out to other bars with my friends. I like to sing at the karaoke night here. I love to go to Ravari Room on Tuesdays for karaoke. It's the same guys that run our karaoke.

What do you drink?

My favorite is Ketel One and tonic or soda. I'm a vodka girl, I can't handle whiskey or anything like that. For beer, I like Red Stripe or Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Where do you go to get a drink?

I like the St. James Tavern. They have a good beer selection. And I like Bob's Bar in Clintonville. I went there for the first time recently and now I stop by pretty frequently.

What's the crowd like at Thirsty Scholar?

It's kind of mixed, actually. We get a lot of the Neil Avenue kids - neighborhood kids. But we have a lot of regulars who still come back here from outside of Campus. Of course, during football season, we get a ton of alumni.

So it's not your typical frat bar, because that's just not our scene around here. It's more cool Campus kids and laid-back people. If it was a frat bar, I probably wouldn't work here.

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