Taste Test: Magners Irish Cider

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Columbus Alive

Sold as Bulmers in Ireland, Magners Irish Cider has come to Columbus by the bottle and the keg. Four of Alive's most dedicated drinkers split a six-pack and gave it a try.

Brad Keefe:

First impressions: Pours without head. I like head.It's got an odd, acidy aroma, but the taste isn't as bad as the smell. A little bland, though I'm glad it isn't overly sweet.

Similarity to actual cider: I've been drinking hard ciders a lot more recently than I have real cider, but my memories of real cider aren't quite like this. What was the question again?

What would you drink it with?: Like, food? The real test of a cider is what it's like layered with Guinness.

Would you drink it again?: It pains my Irish ancestry, but the Brits make a much better cider in Strongbow. I'll take that.

Shelley Mann:

First impressions: It's subtle. Or, to put it another way, it tastes a little watered down and not very alcohol-y.

Similarity to actual cider: Well, it's super-sweet like cider. I detected some faint apple notes, but only after eating something salty.

What would you drink it with?: Pork chops and applesauce, or some other dinner featuring fruit.

Would you drink it again?: Nope. Nothing against this particular one, but hard cider seems tailored for people who don't really like beer. In other words, the complete opposite of me.

John Ross:

First impressions: The brown bottle screams dark ale, so I almost forgot I was going to be drinking something sweet, tart and not at all hoppy.

Similarity to actual cider: This thing tastes exactly like my favorite fall treat - except with carbonation. It's very sweet but has a slightly tart aftertaste.

What would you drink it with?: Cantaloupe, watermelon or other fresh fruit. You might as well just keep the sweet kick going.

Would you drink it again?: Perhaps. I'm not a huge cider fan, but this one was OK during an early evening on the porch.

Jesse Tigges:

First impressions: Crisp aroma and light carbonation give way to a refreshing taste with slightly bitter aftertaste.

Similarity to actual cider: Not much. Only a hint of sweetness, but that's a good thing.

What would you drink it with?: I had it with a pulled pork sandwich, and the smoky pork and slightly sweet apple flavors went quite well together. Reminded me of pork chops and applesauce.

Would you drink it again?: Though I'm not a huge cider fan, I would drink this again. I found it different from Strongbow (the gold standard), but still fairly tasty.

Drink it:

Bernard's Tavern

630 N. High St., Short North