Beer: Great Lakes' Lake Erie Monster

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After facing their latest crippling sports heartbreak, Clevelanders know a thing or two about drowning their sorrows. Fortunately, the city is home to one of the finest craft breweries in the Midwest, Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Great Lakes' latest seasonal offering is the playfully named Lake Erie Monster, an Imperial India Pale Ale with a Nessie-style monster on the bottle and a monster of a beer within.

It pours with a creamy and bubbly head that you could probably shave with in a bind. You'll certainly want to stick your face in there and get a nice big whiff of that hoppy goodness before imbibing. Mmm.

Now, I'm a guy who loves his hops. I would munch on chocolate-covered hops (if there were such a thing).

The Monster sates me with a massive blast of that IPA hoppiness I love before giving way to some tasty malt flavors and then - what's this? - more hops!

It's a big beer that sticks in your mouth and demands your attention, better suited for enjoying on its own than with a meal. Oh, and watch out for the 9.1 percent alcohol kick that lurks beneath the surface.

Lake Erie Monster

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing Company

Beer: Lake Erie Monster

Type: Imperial India Pale Ale

ABV: 9.1 percent

Rating: Four stars

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1044 N. High St., Short North