Shadowbox Sketch Comedy Fest

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last year, the folks at Shadowbox took a chance on a two-day event that would bring together sketch comedy troupes from around the country to perform for a panel of judges.

Apparently rave reviews and sold-out shows were enough to bring the show back for a second year. The Sketch Comedy Festival returns this week for another two-night event that allows the audience to vote on the best sketches and troupes.

On the first night, all seven troupes will perform for the judges, who include original "Saturday Night Live" cast member Garrett Morris, with the crowd choosing their favorite sketches. The troupes will then perform those sketches again on the second night, with the audience choosing their favorite troupe.

The troupes selected for this year's festival include two from Columbus - Sketch by Numbers is a collection of former and current Ohio State students, while the Wild Goose Creative Comedy Cabaret is Wild Goose Creative's sketch-comedy branch.

Other troupes include the Feral Chihuahuas, the Indicators, Cleveland's Laughter League, the Dependable Felons and the Fantastic Geniuses.

Tuesday-Wednesday, July 20-21

Shadowbox, Easton