Theater: "Boy Meets Boy"

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Imagine a 1930s Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie with men as the romantic leads.

The musical "Boy Meets Boy" is just that, according to Mark Phillips Schwamberger, the play's director and executive director of Evolution Theatre Company.

The theater group is putting on the Ohio premiere of the 35-year-old comedy, which is ETC's first musical production.

"When it was written in 1975, it was ahead of its time because it's a love story that culminates in a marriage between two men," Schwamberger says.

The play, set in the 1930s, isn't politicizing homosexuality.

"The way it was written, it's perfectly normal in the script," Schwamberger says. "The fact that it is completely normal leaves the musical free to deal simply with the intrigue and universal problems that occur with any two people that fall in love."

In the play, reporter Casey O'Brien is covering London's society wedding of the year - between two men - then ends up falling for one of the grooms. Singing and dancing ensues.

"Boy Meets Boy" has given ETC the rare opportunity to interact with playwrights. The play was never published, so Schwamberger is working off the original, unedited script, and he calls on writers Bill Solly and Donald Ward when questions arise.

And because the play isn't published, few people outside of New York have ever heard of it.

"Hopefully for us doing it in the heartland in the Midwest, it'll become better know and spawn it to be done in other parts of the country," he says. "It's really a good show for anyone that enjoys musical comedy."

"Boy Meets Boy"

Through July 18

Studio One in the Riffe Center, Downtown