The Regular: Hopped up

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Name: Jason Kusowski

Age: 28

Neighborhood: Northwest Side

Hometown: Toledo

What are you looking for when you go out?

If I want to relax with friends, I want something low-key where there's a good draft beer selection and the bartenders will know what they're talking about.

When I go out to shows, I like more upbeat stuff - garage rock music and anything that makes you tap your feet. And I want the best sound I can get.

What do you drink?

I would quantify myself as a hop-head. I like overly hoppy beers - IPAs, double IPAs. Weyerbacher Double Simcoe is one of my favorites. Founders and Bell's are fantastic.

So where do you go for good beer?

Bob's Bar is great. I come here on a pretty regular basis, and I've gotten to know a lot of the bartenders.

When you go to most places and you ask a bartender, "What's good?" most of them will say, "Have you had the Bud Light Lime?" C'mon, give me something that's got flavor.

At Bob's, all the bartenders know the beers. And there's not a single domestic on tap.

Where else?

Bodega. They have 50 beers on draft and they're half-price during happy hour. But it's kind of like hipster, hipster, hoorah - you have to go through a wave of crappily grown mustaches and ultra-tight pants if you want to get to it.

It really bugs me that people don't take full advantage of that bar. It's more of a cool hangout than "Let's go experience good beer."

Sitting there, drinking your PBR, you're an a--hole because you're taking seats away from those that like to enjoy good beer.

As a local musician with t he Spruce Cam pbells, w here do you like to go for live music?

I think Skully's for a mid-size venue is the best in the city. The stage and the pit are perfect for seeing music.

A lot of the bands I'm into go to the Summit, but I don't think they have the best sound. The Basement isn't bad, but as soon as it fills up you can't see any bands.