Coldest Beer in Columbus: Drafts

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The Winner!

Villa Nova Ristorante

5545 N. High St., Riverlea


Beer type: Bud Light

Size/price: 12 ounces/$2

Temperature: 32.9 degrees (Tuesday, July 20, 9:21 p.m.)

Though Villa Nova could just as easily compete in a coolest bar contest - what with all those pressure gauges on the walls and friendly faces behind the bar - we honor these returning champs once again for serving the coldest beer. In a year where many former top performers poured uncharacteristically warm beers, the Nova's suds remained remarkably frigid in heavy glass mugs they store in the freezer. That's important for keeping those whopping 32-ounce drafts chilly 'til the last drop.

Winking Lizard Tavern

100 Hutchinson Ave., Crosswoods


Beer type: Bud Light

Size/price: 16 ounces/$3.40

Temperature: 35.1 degrees (Tuesday, July 20, 9:04 p.m.)

Even with a focus on craft drafts and bottles from the far reaches of the globe, this Ohio-based sports chain serves a good, cold lager.

Dub Pub

5736 Frantz Rd., Dublin


Beer type: Bud Light

Size/price: 12 ounces/$2.25

Temperature: 37.2 degrees (Tuesday, July 20, 8:20 p.m.)

A former champion lost some ground. Still, we found 37.2 degrees the perfect chill for quenching thirst and washing down a great Dub Pub burger.

Park Street Patio

533 Park St., Arena District


Beer type: Bud Light

Size/price: 20 ounces/$4.50

Temperature: 37.6 degrees (Wednesday, July 21, 6:06 p.m.)

This popular outdoor destination for single minglers in the Arena District can get hot in the summertime, but there's plenty of frosty beer (and mist machines) to keep you cool on the patio.

Lucky's Stout House

1475 N. High St., Campus


Beer type: Bud Light

Size/price: 32 ounces/$3

Temperature: 38.8 degrees (Thursday, July 8, 6:30 p.m.)

We visited this Campus hangout on one of the hottest days of the year. The beer at Lucky's felt a lot colder than it registered.

Leipzig House

2201 E. Livingston Ave., Bexley


Beer type: Bud Light

Size/price: 12 ounces/$2

46.2 degrees (Saturday, July 17, 7:30 p.m.)

The Zig puts away their glass mugs after 7 so the rowdy Capital kids don't break them (our beer was served in a plastic juice cup). That probably didn't help their chances in this competition.

Coldest Beer in Columbus