Taste Test: Light beer

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Light beer drinkers are among the staunchest supporters of their favorite brands, claiming all others taste inferior. But is there really that much of a taste difference among the most popular light beers?

We put ourselves through a blind taste test (and honestly, this was a tough one to get through) to see if all you light beer guzzlers were right. Staffers made a guess at which beer was which and gave (generally negative) comments.

1. Bud Light:

Shelley Mann's guess: Miller Lite

"My favorite. There's actually some discernable flavor here, and I could easily drink a bottle of this on a really hot afternoon."

John Ross's guess: Coors Light

"The second worst of the bunch. That is all."

Jesse Tigges' guess: Bud Light

"It was a lucky guess, though it was the best of the worst."

Brittany Kress' guess: Miller Lite

"I immediately picked up a disgusting metal taste I associate with Miller Lite. Turns out it was my go-to light beer instead - still confused."

Brad Keefe's guess: Bud Light

"Generic, bland, fizzy and yellow? Yep, that's light beer for ya. Still, I'd drink this in a bind on a hot day."

2. Natural Light:

Shelley's guess: Coors Light

"Absolutely no flavor. It's kind of like really cold, fizzy water."

John's guess: Miller Lite

"This one seemed to have the most 'character' of the bunch. Not sure what that really means."

Jesse's guess: Miller Lite

"Natty, Miller same thing"

Brittany's guess: Natural Light

"Tastes like college keg parties - couldn't mistake that note of dirty socks. Surprisingly, it wasn't as disgusting as the memory I'd repressed."

Brad's guess: Coors Light

"Even less taste than the first? How is that possible?"

3. Miller Lite:

Shelley's guess: Bud Light

"I can't think of a single thing to say about this one. It's completely unremarkable."

John's guess: Bud Light

"No taste and 0.4 millimeter head."

Jesse's guess: Natural Light

"Mmm, flavorless beer."

Brittany's guess: Coors Light

"This one tastes the least watery to me. Still, rather unremarkable."

Brad's guess: Natural Light

"Why do people do this to their tongues? It defeats half of the purpose of drinking beer."

Coors Light:

Shelley's guess: Natural Light

"This smells terrible, like the leftovers in a red plastic cup the morning after a kegger."

John's guess: Natural Light

"Mouthfeel, nose awash with urine-y notes."

Jesse's guess: Coors Light

"I couldn't mistake that watery flavor and knew it was the taste of the Rockies. Yuck!"

Brittany's guess: Bud Light

"The most enjoyable of the bunch."

Brad's guess: Miller Lite

"I couldn't tell any of the last three apart. People who claim to have a favorite light beer are fooling themselves."

Well, we clearly couldn't discern one light beer from another, and none of them had great taste. At least there's still that "less filling" part of the equation.