Wine: Pairings with pizza

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Dreaming up wines to pair with pizzas is a fun undertaking. But Tutto Vino wine shop and bistro in Dublin takes the task seriously.

Pizza is a dominant force on Tutto Vino's bistro menu. Options range from the veggie-loaded Mediterranean to the sliced-thin sausage.

For pizza pairings, owner Raj Hora suggested sticking with the Italian theme while picking a wine. Whether your pie of choice is gourmet or not, consider these sips.

Borgo Pretale Chianti C lassico Le Crete (2007)

Violet, plum and raspberry flavors combine in a by-the-books Chianti combination. "It gives you more of the drier, dusty feeling," Hora said, "so with the pepperoni pizza, it does very well, because pepperoni is dried, aged meat."

Region: Tuscany, Italy

Cost: $17

Pair it with: The sweet, fennel flavors of pepperoni pizza

La Meridiana Vitis Barbera d'Asti (2007)

A medium-bodied wine with fresh fruit and violet flavors that pairs well with soft goat cheese. "Another wine that would do well with this pizza is a pinot noir, but this will also do very nicely with the acidity of the goat cheese," Hora said.

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Cost: $15

Pair it with: Goat cheese pizza, light pasta dishes or anything salty

Feudo di San Nicola Nerosso (2008)

Black pepper, plums and grass add up to a full-bodied wine. "The blend that's in this particular one - Primitivo, Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera and Uva di Troia helps give it that Mediterranean feel," Hora said.

Region: Puglia, Italy

Cost: $13

Pair it with: Mediterranean pizza with goat cheese, mozzarella, olives, asparagus and more

Tutto Vino

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