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As CCAD student vice president Chavilah Bennett recently pointed out, artists in training in Columbus don’t get a lot of opportunities to sell their work.

Between the emphasis on class assignments and the invisible borders that can separate campus communities from the city at large, Columbus may not see much of what its student artists have to offer until schoolwork is done, if then.

Twice a year, CCAD art sales help bridge the gap for local art lovers. The night before this year’s holiday edition brings another opportunity to connect, an exhibition that’s part of a new initiative to promote the work of students year-round.

CCAD Art Sale

Bennett is one of dozens of students and alumni setting up shop at the always-popular event, featuring work in every buyer-friendly medium. An advertising and graphic design major, she’s hoping to drum up commission work around her favorite pastime, portrait illustration.

To attract impulse buyers, she’s also selling girlish necklaces with 3D goldfish charms — part Asian art, part “Finding Nemo.”

Bennett will share a table with her boyfriend, Dion Utt, a conceptual jewelry artist whose work includes clean, contemporary pieces in sterling silver, polished wood and raw crystals.

Sale organizers have arranged for student vendors to be surrounded by alumni, according to Bennett, to encourage sharing of information and professional experience.

“Unofficially, we get to have mentors,” she said.

“No Place Like Home”

Earlier this year, CCAD student Ken Aschilman founded CCAD Spotlight Exhibition Group to promote art by students and prepare them for professional careers. Its first juried show, “No Place Like Home,” features 21 works interpreting the title phrase.

These include Nathan Moser’s portrait of homelessness, consisting of found materials and a corner of bare floor, and a rich tapestry of fabrics and teabags by Pallavi Sen that recalls the sensual experience of her youth in India.

CCAD Art Sale

9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 4

Loann Crane Center for Design

CCAD campus, Discovery District

"There's No Place Like Home"

Dec. 3-17, Jan. 18-28 (Opening reception 7-9 p.m. Dec. 3)

Design Studios on Broad

CCAD campus, Discovery District