Bartender: Seth at Ravari Room

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Seth Parker started working in the bar industry as a bouncer - his hulking stature would make anyone think twice about acting out of line.

But don't let his exterior fool you. He's a friendly guy with a loyal happy hour crowd that's like an extended family, only cooler.

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

I'm big into weightlifting and working out. I'm also a big Steelers fan.

My wife and I like to take adventures and just go off the beaten path - just drive and see where we land.

What's the craziest adventure you've taken?

We took a trip to find Blackhand Gorge and ended up driving all over Ohio from state line to state line. We never ended up finding it, but we spent a whole eight hours searching, and it was a great adventure. We'd stop at one place, grab a drink, then get some caffeine and hit the road again.

What do you drink?

I've been sober for a year. I just wanted to take a break. I'm not saying it will be forever, it's just for right now. I still enjoy being around everybody and being in that kind of atmosphere, drinking or not.

But I used to enjoy Irish whiskey or American bourbon like Jack Daniel's.

What's the best live show you've seen at Ravari Room ?

Helmet was fun. They were here two or three years ago, and I got to hang out with Page Hamilton one on one. That was really, really cool.

Thrill Kill Kult was a good show. The Dwarves played here, and there were a lot of older, back-in-the-day punk guys. They were fun and crazy to hang out with.

When you have a drink again, if it could be with anyone, who would it be with ?

Bruce Campbell, because I was a huge fan of him in the "Evil Dead" and "Army of Darkness" movies. I think he'd be a down-to-earth, cool guy, and he'd definitely have a drink with you - probably six or seven, eight or 10.

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Name: Seth Parker

Age: 30

Neighborhood: Old North Columbus

Hometown: Marion

Years behind the bar: 4

Ravari Room

2661 N. High St., Campus

614- 263-4058