Josh Sneed at Funny Bone

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Columbus Alive

Josh Sneed has farted on Jessica Simpson.

"My mom was so proud," he said.

The Cincinnati-based comedian also once had a heated argument with a lady about NASCAR and knows it takes seven mushrooms to make construction equipment perform a song and dance.

There are gut-busting stories behind these incidents, and Sneed's knack for telling them (as well as his surprising moments of wordplay and setup-swing-punch line delivery) will be on display this weekend at Funny Bone, "the best comedy club in the country," he said. "I tell people this, and the only people who don't believe me are the people in Columbus."

You might know Sneed through his T-shirt line called Donkey Tees, which was recently on the sports media's radar for a design of Ben Roethlisberger and his broken beak with the words "Nose means Nose." But you'll most likely recognize him from his 2006 "Comedy Central Presents" special.

At this weekend's show, expect "not 100 percent new material, but plenty of new jokes waved in and out of stuff they may have already heard from me," he said.

Sneed's delicious style of storytelling will include new and ridiculous plotlines, such as a story of his worst gig yet - in Dayton - that starts with him "in the worst place on earth for a comedian to be" and dressed in an umpire's outfit.

Josh Sneed

Thursday-Sunday, Dec. 16-19

Columbus Funny Bone

145 Easton Town Center, Easton