2010 in Review: Best in the arts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A chronological look at our 10 favorite arts events of the year.

"Hard Targets," Wexner Center , January

Points to the Buckeye-based institution for exploring themes that lurk on the underbelly of athletics - masculinity, identity, voyeurism, fanaticism - and illustrating that the visual worlds of sports and arts are not that far apart.

"Your Life is No t My Playground," ROY G BIV, February

This exhibit from Cassandra Troyan was a thought-provoking and kind of weird monthlong study of what art is and can be. It included a lot of discussion, performance art and a food fight.

A-Holes Miniature Golf, South Campus Gateway , March

The Couchfire Collective artists' renditions of miniature golf holes swapped the occasionally pretentious strokes of art for lots of PBR and game show references.

"I of the Text," Ohio Art Council's Riffe Gallery , May

Sixteen very interesting works focused on our interaction with text (a nice allusion to the thing we do notoriously often with our cell phones, too) and how that relationship is shaped by technology, status and current events.

"The Ladies of Ohio: Digital Divas," Arts Initiative Gallery at the Gateway , June

I'd root for anything that features the fabulously shameless theater of drag queens, but these photos by artist John Sherman Lathram raised important queries of gender roles and created a worthy exhibit companion for Pride month.

Columbus Jazz Orchestra vs. Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, Lincoln Theatre , June

With two of the state's best jazz bands on stage, the heat only crescendoed with an imposed battle of brass, strings and musical wit.

Geekfest, Wild Goose Creative , June

Three days of absolute nerd devotion featured a gallery of comic book advertisements and events such as a study of the science and art of role-playing and a video game costume party. Sorry, though, no Larping.

"The Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb's Book of Genesis," Columbus Museum of Art , October

This exhibit of an important creator of raw and oft-scandalous comics let us examine his interpretations of the first book of the Bible, the results of which will likely someday be in an art history book.

"The Delusion of Eating," Shelf Gallery , October

Curatorial duo Vince Chocolate's accessible exhibit left its youngest viewers remembering a giant pizza quilt and its wisest pondering how and why our relationship with food has more layers than a Thurmanator.

V iewfinder, Junctionview Studios, November

A local art lover's dream come true, the buzz around this art sale stemmed from having artists of the Columbus Crafty Cotillion, Couchfire Collective and Junctionview Studios all under one roof.