2010 in Review: Best in dance

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A chronological look at our 10 favorite dance performances of the year.

"H3," Grupo de Rua, Wexner Center, January

Even the apparent pauses in "H3" pulsed with vitality, and when one dancer pulled another down from a leap, it's as though otherwise, he would have kept soaring upward.

"The Legacy Tour," Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Wexner Center, February

Two works from opposite ends of the late choreographer's career: "Crises" from 1960, and the astonishing 2003 "Split Sides."

"A Midsummer Night's Dream," BalletMet Columbus, February

Concentrating on the central quartet of confused lovers, BalletMet's David Nixon differentiated them better through movement than many productions manage to do even with Shakespeare's poetry.

"The Man in Black," BalletMet Columbus , April

James Kudelka's contribution to BalletMet's "American Legends" paid subtle and heart-stopping tribute to Johnny Cash.

"OSU Dance Downtown: Remix Culture," May

Michael Kelly Bruce's "Sinuous Moonlight," Ming-Lung Yang's "No Trace" and Bebe Miller's "How to Remember" made this edition of OSU Dance's "Dance Downtown" one of the best.

"If I were a Weathervane and You were a Flower," OSU Dance, May

Amanda Byars' sweet duet stood out in the OSU Spring Dance Concert with its gentle games of places yielded and usurped.

"Out of Con text For Pina," Les Ballets C de la B , Wexner Center, October

Anxiety and eccentricity took center stage in the Belgian's company's third visit to the Wexner in a tribute to the late choreographer Pina Bausch.

"Double/Take," October

Although only the two dancer/choreographers, Meghan Durham and Karl Rogers, knew what the other three choreographers (Susan Hadley, Bebe Miller, and Lisa Race) were up to, "Double/Take" had unexpected coherence and a fluid arc.

"Dangerous Liaisons," BalletMet Columbus, November

In his latest revision of the full-length ballet, David Nixon reminded us about how masterfully he tells stories through movement, even one as complex as "Dangerous Liaisons."

"Plastic Pleasures," Anna and the Annadroids, November

In the Annadroids' farewell to Columbus, Anna Sullivan took to the air for a final warning about how we are drowning in our own garbage.