Exhibit: The Beautiful Ones

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A welcome respite from the assault of self-introspection and resolutions a new year brings, the newest group art show at Short North Tattoo encourages onlookers to examine other people.

"The Beautiful Ones," put together by members of folky local band the Alwood Sisters, is a compilation of portraits by 14 local artists.

The idea for the exhibit formed during the quartet's previous group show "Trick Faces," where nearly 50 artists were given blank papier-mache masks and told to do whatever they wanted with them.

The soul of "The Beautiful Ones" is that same sense of freedom. Meagan Alwood-Karcic and Amy Alwood, sisters who make up half the band, gave the artists only one rule: Have the works ready by hang time.

"We feel very strongly about creativity being as free as possible," Alwood-Karcic said.

The exhibit will showcase acrylics, watercolors, pencil and inks, and "undoubtedly a few unnamed mediums," Alwood-Karcic said. Even more diverse will be the artists' takes on portraiture, which are as unique as each individual's laugh lines.

"A portrait is such a private expression of an artist's mind," Alwood-Karcic said. "At the same time, the face is something that connects every living being together."

Most of the artists will be present at the exhibit's opening reception during Gallery Hop from 7-10 p.m. Jan. 1. Deejaying the event will be Sarah Yetter of the band El Jesus de Magico.

The band says they hope viewers get one thing out of the group art show: "We live to learn and share," Alwood-Karcic said, "and hope to influence others to learn and share."

Sounds like a good resolution.

The Beautiful Ones

Jan. 1-Feb. 28

Short North Tattoo

1042 N. High St., Short North