January Gallery Hop

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Calm your cabin fever and visit the Short North for its first Gallery Hop of 2011. This month's openings range from meditative to scientific to just plain stinking cute.

Studios on High

The title of the gallery's January exhibit says it all. "Capturing the Quiet, Isolated Moments of Winter" showcases the acrylic paintings of artist Teda Theis and her silent scenes of the season.

Theis says her work is best categorized as expressionist, forgoing reality for the emotional and moody qualities of an atmosphere. The paintings reminisce on winter's sometimes beautiful, sometimes violent nature.

"Scenes remembered," Theis said, "that you see when passing by in a car, is very true. As I drive back and forth to Columbus on Rt. 23 from my home in Circleville, it is always new to me. The beauty of nature is unending."

The dark, tonalist color scheme Theis often applies cues contemplation, inspiring viewers to consider the importance of those moments mentioned in the show's title.


Check out the work of Jerry Birchfield, a Cleveland resident who produces illusionist drawings and photography.

Ink-on-paper sketches hearken to the formational art of science and engineering, and a white piece of paper framed in wood and plexiglass is a thought-provoking comment on being given a blank page in life and in art.

Drawings by Dragana Crnjak also will be on exhibit. Born in Bosnia, the Youngstown State assistant professor draws on her immigration experience to study questions of location and identity.

The results are unsettling. Her 2009 charcoal-on-wall drawing "I Thought I Might Find You Here" oscillates somewhere between constructive and destructive.

Rivet Gallery

In Silvia Portella Torres' cheerful illustrations, everything is adorable. Earthworms? You'll want to pinch their slimy make-believe cheeks. Owls? You'll want to climb the branches they're perched on and cuddle.

The graphic designer and illustrator from Berlin, whose whimsical line is called Bukubuku, will have prints of her happy worlds on view.

Gallery Hop

Short North Arts District

4-10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 1


"Capturing theQuiet,IsolatedMoments ofWinter"

Jan. 1-31, Studios on High

"Jerry Birchfield and Dragana Crnjak"

Jan. 1-29, ROY G BIV

"Art ofBukubuku"

Jan. 1-30, Rivet