The Regular: Cocktail connoisseur

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Name: Lori Crabtree

Age: 38

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Neighborhood: West Side

Where do you like to get a drink?

The Clarmont is great. I also like to go to Knead, and I was just at M last weekend, which is a great bar. Mouton is another favorite, and I love DeepWood's bar. The Rossi has a good bar and staff.

What's your go-to drink?

I don't necessarily have a go-to drink. Jack and tea or Jack and Diet Coke was my standard go-to drink for a very long time, but over the past year I've been branching out and drinking a lot more rye and finer whiskeys and Scotches.

I like a fun, really well-made cocktail.

Who makes a good cocktail?

Well, in terms of a cocktail, I actually like things very bitter and almost savory. DeepWood has an Amore Amaro, which is awesome. It's Fernet-Branca, which is about as bitter as a product ever, and dark Sambuca, which is anise-flavored, and orange vodka. It's bitter and dark, and it's really good after you've eaten a meal and you want a cocktail to finish the night.

What else have you been into lately?

Rye. I usually drink Old Overholt. It's a standard. You can buy it anywhere, and it's pretty cheap and tastes good. The Wild Turkey rye is a lovely drink, but it's a little harder to find.

Rye is a little hard to find. It lost popularity for a while, and people stopped making it. One of the problems with rye - which I learned from a Middle West Spirits tour - is all of our rye supply comes out of Canada, and it's difficult to get consistent crop yields across the grain.

What do you think of Middle West's vodka?

I'm a fan of their vodka. When you do Middle West's tasting tour, they'll do a tasting between their vodka and Grey Goose - which everybody thinks is such a great vodka - and once you get them side by side, you really taste Grey Goose's nail polish-remover quality.

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