March Gallery Hop

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All Marc Lincewicz needs to create art is a pen and some paper.

"I've always favored the look," he said. "In college a lot of my professors were like, 'You need to branch out into other mediums.'"

Instead, he branched into advertising, working as a creative art director at Nationwide.

Lincewicz expressed himself creatively through his job and by playing in local alt-country bands, but about five years ago he was drawn back to that pen and paper.

"I realized art is where my love is and always has been," Lincewicz said.

About 20 of Lincewicz's pieces are the highlight of Sharon Weiss Gallery's March exhibit, "Take the Long Way Home."

The small works ask viewers to meditate on "things in our world that we just overlook and take for granted."

For example, Lincewicz likes using the image of a sparrow. "People don't care about the sparrow," he said. "They care about bright things and the perfect song. What about the stuff that's there and is a part of our world?"

The drawings play on memory. Their lack of detail make them relatable; their varying lines make them emotional.

Lincewicz plays with shape and direction of line to create mood. For an expressive work, he might have furious strokes of the pen at different lengths. In an emotionally buttoned-up moment, the line will be more meticulous, with strokes going in the same direction.

The product straddles realism and abstraction. "I like that range," Lincewicz said. "I don't want to limit myself to one particular image, and I hope that people can find their own interests in the stories that are there."


The title of the gallery's latest exhibit, "For the Person Who Has Everything," reflects the "unusual and bizarre nature of all of our work," said artist Zepher Potrafka.

From the imaginations of Potrafka, Samantha Hookway and Janet Macpherson, the show includes sculptures of Ecuadorian mosquitoes preserved in candle wax, moose heads growing out of tree limbs and stained-glass windows rendered out of carved brick.

"I imagine," Potrafka said, "that any item in this show would fit as well into a collection of curiosities as it would in an art collection."

Terra Gallery

In anticipation of spring, Terra Gallery is presenting a salon show of figure and floral works highlighting the art of Trish McKinney, a painter of dreamy and textured color canvases. McKinney's work is inspired by emotional shapes, bold colors and spiritual relationships.

Gallery Hop

4-10 p.m. Saturday, March 5

Short North

"Marc Lincewicz: The Long Way Home"

March 4-31 at Sharon Weiss Gallery

"For the PersonWhoHas Everything"

March 5-26 at ROY G BIV

"March Salon Show"

March 5-31 at Terra Gallery