Staff Pick: Skins at Short North Tattoo

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Skin is weird. Sunburns, goose bumps, dandruff. So much can happen to it. And looking at skin closely always warrants a few surprises, a situation only made stranger by Photoshopped-to-perfection complexions.

Eric Paul Owens, a local photographer and graphic artist, examines the peculiarity of skin. A new exhibit at Short North Tattoo will display his interpretations of our bodies' largest organ in three ways.

The photos show the epidermis nude (nakedness is just skin, right?), painted (stunning color portraits that magnify skin's cracks and pores) and messy (people covered in things like fruit and pancakes and syrup).


March 5-April 30

Short North Tattoo

1042 N. High St., Short North