Beer Guide: How to pour a pint of Guinness

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Columbus Alive

Anybody can pour a pint of your average draft beer, but Guinness isn't just any beverage. Nitrogen mixes with the beer at the tap to add creaminess and create the cascading visual effects. Thus, there's a special science to pouring the perfect Guinness pint.

We turned to Fado Irish Pub's Greg Williams for a tutorial. Williams has been pouring Guinness at Fado's Easton location for nine years. He's gotten so good that he once poured a perfect pint while blindfolded.

The goal is to achieve an uninterrupted dome of foam that crests above the rim of your pint glass without overflowing, indentation or bubbles. A successful foam head is said to be "proud of the rim."

Greg Williams' tips:

• Always use a Guinness glass.

• Hold the glass to the spout at a 45-degree angle. Pouring straight down will result in lots of bubbles.

• Get the glass as close to the spout as possible without letting them touch.

• Maintaining your 45-degree angle, pull down on the tap and pour until the beer reaches the rim of the glass.

• Sit the glass down to let it settle. At this point, the glass should be filled to just above the Guinness logo. Let it sit until the cascading stops, but not any longer. Sitting too long can cause indentations in the head.

• Return the glass to its 45-degree angle under the tap. Push the tap back (as opposed to pulling it down) and gradually tilt your pint until it's full. Be ready to stop pouring in an instant so you don't overflow!

Guinness Pouring Contest

7 p.m. Wednesday, March 16

Fado Irish Pub

4022 Townsfair Way, Easton