Beer Guide: Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant

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For traditionalists, Fado is the ideal place to enjoy some pints on the year's biggest day of drinking. In fact, Fado has a whole week of events slated - from March 13 to the Saturday following St. Patrick's Day - making it possible to celebrate for seven straight days (liver permitting) or just swing by when your schedule permits.

Highlights include a Jameson Family of Irish Whiskey dinner (Sunday, March 13), a Guinness pouring contest (Wednesday, March 16) and live music Thursday through Saturday. Check the website for a full schedule of events and music lineups.

Fado, obviously, has the most traditional St. Patty's Day setting of the three recommended taverns - complete with numerous green, white and orange banners, a couple of snugs and a clock counting down the minutes until the holiday. There's even an Irishman tending bar. If you're looking for a true public house feel, Fado is the destination.

With 20 taps ranging from common domestics to some of the finest brews in Europe, Fado has plenty to please your palate. But if you're drinking in an Irish bar on St. Patty's Day, you should probably be drinking Irish beer.

Kilkenny is a good choice, but beware - someone will assuredly make a lame "South Park" joke. The Irish cream ale is similar to Smithwick's except it's sweeter, with toffee, caramel and brown sugar flavors and a stronger head.

Fado also boasts a number of layered-beer options worth sampling. The Harp-Guinness combination is Irish through and through, while the Guinness-Newcastle pairing is a wonderful mixture of the best from Ireland and Britain.

The pub also serves an outstanding selection of Irish whiskeys that must be mentioned. Every Jameson vintage is available, plus Midleton Very Rare - slainte!

Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant

4022 Townsfair Way, Easton


Drink these:

Kilkenny (ABV 4.3)

Black Castle: Guinness (4.2 ABV) and Newcastle (4.7 ABV)

Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve (80 proof)