Beer Guide: The Pub Polaris

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Stepping inside The Pub, you'll find everything, except for the black-and-white tiled floor and a giant Union Jack flag, covered in ornate wood. The bar is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that would make kings proud.

Sifting through a beer list that boasts more than two dozen drafts and three dozen bottles is daunting, so let's forgo the bottles. That's the appropriate way to drink on this holiday anyway.

The Belhaven Scottish Stout would please any Guinness drinker and has some deeper, subtle flavors. Belhaven's Scottish Ale is another excellent option with a semi-sweet finish.

There are a couple of other British options worth a try at The Pub. Old Speckled Hen is an English ale that's exponentially better on tap because its clear bottle doesn't travel well across the Atlantic.

Fuller's ESB is perfect for fans of IPAs or intensely hoppy beers. And Bass is always a stellar option - and is the one most commonly paired with Guinness in Black and Tan.

Speaking of layered beers, the Pub has many variations - basically Guinness or any cider with any draft. The Twist & Stout (Belhaven Stout layered over Belhaven Twisted Thistle) is fantastic, but the standout is the Black Barrel (Guinness over Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale).

The Pub Polaris

1554 Polaris Pkwy., Polaris


Drink these:

Belhaven Scottish Stout (4.1 ABV)

Fuller's Extra Special Bitter (5.9 ABV)

Bass (5.1 ABV)