Beer: Troegs Troegenator Double Bock

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About the brewery :

Though separated by only 18 months, brothers Chris and John Trogner hashed out the idea for Troegs Brewing Company while living 1,700 miles apart. Eventually each studied a different skill and returned to central Pennsylvania, beer-making chops and marketing degree in tow. Their motto since 1997 has been to produce enjoyable beers - rather than specific types - but their Double Bock is one of the style's best examples.

About the beer :

A strong and extraordinarily complex lager, bocks originated in the town of Einbeck, Germany, and spread into the country's other regions by the 17th century. Double bocks, or "doppelbocks," are darker, maltier, more potent versions that were developed to provide calories (and perhaps escape) for monks fasting during Lent.

Why to drink it :

This is a totally captivating beer that takes at least an entire bottle to figure out. At first you'll notice a heavy malt flavor. Beneath those thick, almost smoky bread flavors, you'll detect the sweet taste of fruit and hints of spicy, dark rum. Aromas of alcohol are followed quickly by the effects of alcohol during a session with this easy-drinking bock.

What to drink it with :

Troegs recommends drinking big beers with big meats, and the Double Bock's strength and slight smokiness will hold up alongside any hearty meal of steak, pork chops or lamb.

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Brewery: Troegs Brewing Company

Beer: Troegenator Double Bock

Type: Double bock

ABV: 8.2 percent

Grab a six:

Kenny Road Market

4658 Kenny Rd., North Side