Wine: Asian food pairings

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Most people have heard that you should drink white wine with Asian food, said Cheryl Sher, owner of Sher Bliss wine shop. They're under the impression that red wine wouldn't complement the cuisine's sometimes hot and tangy flavors.

Like most wine "rules," this one is open to interpretation. And Sher was happy to suggest some exceptionally great reds suited for such a pairing.

Of course, if it's white you want, she's got a suggestion for that too.

Cederber g Bukettraube (2010)

Floral, with dried stone fruits and a bit of honey. "There's very little Bukettraube planted in the world," Sher said. "And anything with some heat, it would cut through that."

Region: South Africa

Cost: $19

Pairs well with: Curry dishes or sushi with wasabi

Hook & Ladder The Tillerman (2007)

A red blend of cabernet, cabernet franc, merlot and sangiovese. "It's a very famed vintage," Sher said. "The '07 vintage in California, everything was good that year."

Region: Sonoma, California

Cost: $16

Pairs well with: Dishes with beef or soy sauce, or richer foods

Green Valley Cellars Dolcett o (2006)

Soft and fruit-driven. "Dolcetto is originally a Piedmont grape," Sher said. "There aren't many producers in California who do it. It's definitely a new-world interpretation of an old-world grape."

Region: Solano County, California

Cost: $11

Pairs well with: Pad Thai, orange chicken, salmon rolls, stir fry