Review: Shadowbox Live's Fantasies

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Columbus Alive

Many of the best sketches in Shadowbox Live's newest show "Fantasies" revolve around the characters' desires - which, of course, never unfold as planned.

For instance, in "The Fairy Godfather," Cinderella (Amy Lay) wants to go to the ball to meet the handsome prince, but that won't happen until she gets some help from The Godfather (Stev Guyer), who's more like Marlon Brando than your typical fairy tale character.

Fantastical characters also show up in the "Ultimate Fable Championship," a battle between reigning champion Snow White (Nikki Fagin) and challenger Goldilocks (Noelle Grandison). It's not the company's best sketch, but the conclusion is the kind of silly fun Shadowbox is known for.

"Inside Man" features the internal fantasies of a man (Jerrod Roberts) on a first date with his co-worker (Lay). His heart (played by Jimmy Mak) wants to woo her, his brain (Matthew Hahn) wants to take things slow and his libido (a sketch-stealing Julie Klein) is just plain raging.

It's hard to pick a highlight from the musical stage as the troupe's song selections just keep getting better.

The show opens with a fantastic collaborative version of The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour," and continues to hit high notes with Stevie Ray Vaughan's "The Sky is Crying" (performed by Roberts), Yes' "Roundabout" (sung by Klein) and The Doors' "Break on Through" (covered by Guyer).


Through May 26

Shadowbox Live

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