Staff Pick: Women Who Fought in the Civil War

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Columbus Alive

Nearly everyone living in the United States at the time had a passionate stance on the issues at the center of the Civil War. Hard to believe, then, that half of them could not bear military arms and defend their ideas.

It was a time when a 12-year-old boy would be sent to stop a bullet before a grown woman would. Women supported the effort by running the homes, being nurses or making uniforms. Those were all important efforts, of course, but it wasn't enough for the 400 women who were documented to have disguised themselves as male soldiers during the war.

This theater piece tells the story of one of the most famous, Sarah Emma Edmonds, whose tale is as heroic as it is unbelievable.

Ohio Historical Center

2 p.m. Sunday, April 17

1982 Velma Ave., North Side