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How did you come to live in the U.S. ?

My wife is from Upper Arlington, and she lived in London and Dublin. I met her over there on St. Patrick's Day.

When she quit her job to move back to the States, I was in the Irish police force, and if you work for the government there you can take a five-year career break to travel.

What was it like being a policeman?

It was cool. I worked presidential and U.S. ambassador protection for three years. I did normal beat work, and I did an office job for the last year. I enjoyed it.

I was doing protection when President Clinton came over. That was cool.

Was it serendipitous me e t ing your wife on St. Patty's Day?

It's kind of funny because I was supposed to work that day, but I was playing in a Gaelic football match the day before and got my nose broken.

I had a big bandage around my head, so she didn't see me until our third date. The pressure was on for that date. [laughs]

What do you usually drink?

Guinness, and in the summer I'll drink a lot of Magners cider over ice. Sitting on the patio - it's perfect. Normally, Guinness, because it doesn't fill me up.

That's always been a misconception about Guinness.

Yeah, calorie-wise it's only 115 or something, and it's not carbonated so it doesn't fill you up. I think people should give it a better chance.

What Irish drinks should people know more about?

The Magners is relatively new, and Kilkenny is phenomenal beer. It's a nitrogen ale, like Guinness. It's another good summer drink.

Last year, Fado started carrying Paddy whiskey. Back home, everyone has a bottle of Paddy in the house. It's a really nice whiskey and the same price as Jameson.

What do you like about Fado?

When I moved over here, I basically went to every bar within a 15-mile radius of my house. When I came across Fado, I decided this was going to be my regular haunt.

I come here to watch the Celtic games and supporters come here. It turned out to be my getaway when I felt homesick, and most of the Irish people in town drink here. My best friends in town I met here.

Grab a beer:

Fado Irish Pub

4022 Townsfair Way


Ian "Monty" Montgomery

Age: 34

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Neighborhood: Clintonville

Years bartending: 5